RZ30M Cockpit Spray

RZ30M Cockpit Spray

RZ Cockpit Spray provides an anti-static film that repels dust and dirt as well as shields against ultraviolet damage.

  • Cleans, restores and protects plastic and rubber parts, wood, and chromium.
  • Long lasting, protects and prevents surfaces from cracking, brittleness and creates an easy-care, silky shine.
  • Restores dull, fading and weathered plastic .
  • Protects treated surfaces from the effects of oxidative ageing.


RZ40M Rubber Spray

RZ40M Rubber Spray

RZ Rubber Spray designed for applying rubber coating, cleans, maintains and protects rubber seals on doors, convertible roofs, window and boot lids.

→ High strength adhesive provides strong bonds for rubber.

→ Restores shine and maintains elasticity.

→ Keeps rubber flexible and repels water.

→ Preventing rubber seals from freezing in winter.

→ Also provides UV protection and keeps rubber seals from drying out, hardened and cracks which can lead to leaks and wind noise. 

→Temperature and water resistant for long-lasting protection.

→Does not attack painted and chrome parts.

RZ68M Wheel Cleaner

RZ68M Wheel Cleaner

RZ Wheel Cleaner is highly performance rim and wheel cleaner that visually sees dirt leaving the wheel and tire. 

→Formula safe for all wheel types clear coated, powder coated, painted wheels and including billet aluminium wheels. 

→Formula dissolves grease, road grime, brake dust and other stubborn residues. 

→Also clean rail dust from your car or trailer exterior.

→Provides deep, penetrating cleaning with little effort or agitation from a wheel brush or sponge.  

→Dissolves stubborn metallic contamination and helps prevent dulling, pitting and rusting - just spray on, hose off. 

RZ70M Plastic Protector

RZ70M Plastic Protector

RZ Plastic Protector formulated to work efficiently on vinyl and plastic surfaces without instigating bleeding, drying or fading.

→ It is also suitable for detailing of exterior plastic and vinyl often used for molding, bumpers (unpainted).

→ Renews and revitalizes vinyl, rubber and plastic.

→ Rinse-free formula leaves a non-greasy, dry matte finish with no odour and is non-toxic and water based.

→ Provides superior UV protection from dry, brittle, fading, cracking and peeling surfaces.

→ Helps repel dust, lint and staining.

→ Enhances your vehicle's deep, rich look and adds beautiful shine with protection.

RZ10GP Rain Master

RZ10GP Rain Master

RZ Rain Master is blended to waterproof any glass surface, windshield, windows, mirrors, and other hard surfaces. 

→ Prevents build-up of frost & snow. Provide a protective layer that not only prevents water from lingering for too long, but also makes it easier for you to clean off unwanted dirt and grime.

RZ50T Tire Spray

RZ Tire Spray is the optimal solution to give your tire the original dark and shiny look. The high-gloss tire spray gives your tire a long-lasting wet look that enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle.
The special formulation penetrates without problems in the rubber and dries quickly, even while driving.

  • Prevents cracking, tanning and premature aging.
  • Long-lasting effect, as it is extremely rinsing-resistant on contact with water.
  • Safe for all types of coated aluminum wheels, or plastic wheel covers.